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Notice Inviting Quotation No. MED/MS/343(NIQ)/2022 dated 03.11.2022 for supply of 2 (two) brand new box packed condition HP Slim Desktop Computers with Monitors with other required peripherals and 12 (twelve) brand new Box packed UPS, at the Mediation Centre, High Court, Calcutta
Uploaded:03-Nov-2022 16:28:10
Notice Inviting Quotation No. MED/MS/224(Tender)/2022 dated 07.07.2022, for maintaining and repairing the gadgets / equipments on yearly contract basis at the Mediation Centre, High Court, Calcutta
Uploaded:08-Jul-2022 13:51:24
Notice Inviting Quotation No. MED/MS/193(Tender)/2022 dated 21.06.2022
Uploaded:21-Jun-2022 15:27:55
Acceptance of Quotation Notice No. - Med/MS/90(NIQ)/2022 Dated 03.03.2022
Uploaded:03-Mar-2022 15:51:30
e-Invitation and Live Streaming Link to view the Inauguration Ceremony of Video Conference Facility at the Mediation Centre, High Court, Calcutta scheduled on 15th December, 2021 at 5:00 PM
Uploaded:15-Dec-2021 11:13:07
Calendar for District Level Regional Conference on Mediation-2022
Uploaded:09-Dec-2021 15:38:02
Uploaded:09-Dec-2021 15:37:35
Tender Notice No. Med/MS/350(Tender)/2021 dated 22.11.2021
Uploaded:22-Nov-2021 15:20:38
Uploaded:27-Sep-2021 16:29:56
Standard Operating Procedure For Pre-Institution Mediation and Settlement
Uploaded:16-Dec-2020 16:18:32
Mediation Newsletter, Issue-II, High Court, Calcutta
Uploaded:14-Sep-2020 14:18:29
Tender Notice No. Med/MS/118/20 dated 16.03.2020 for Mediation Centre, High Court, Calcutta
Uploaded:16-Mar-2020 17:54:56
Notification (27.01.2020) regarding Panel of Trained Mediators for Pre-Litigation Mediation in Commercial Disputes in West bengal
Uploaded:27-Jan-2020 15:19:38
Approved calendar for Cluster Meet in all the districts of West Bengal and Andaman & Nicobar Islands for the year, 2020
Uploaded:17-Dec-2019 14:23:09
Approved calendar for Mediation Fortnight in all the districts of West Bengal and Andaman & Nicobar Islands for the year, 2020
Uploaded:17-Dec-2019 14:22:45
Notification No. 6478-A Dated, Calcutta the 7th November, 2019 regarding Schedule of Mediation Awareness cum Workshop Programme in November, 2019 and nomination of officers for attending the programme
Uploaded:08-Nov-2019 12:17:08
Notification regarding Approved Day to Day Itinerary for the Mediation awareness cum workshop programme on November, 2019
Uploaded:02-Nov-2019 14:56:43
Notification No.2539-A dated 30.04.2019 regarding list of Officers nominated for Day Long Non-residential Mediation Awarness-cum-Workshop on 09.05.2019
Uploaded:30-Apr-2019 17:50:04
Notification No. 2482-A Dated, Calcutta the 24th April, 2019 regarding change in the schedule of One Day Non-Residential Training on Mediation and sensitization programme for the referral judges/judicial officers of West Bengal, in the month of May, 2019 at West Bengal Judicial Academy
Uploaded:24-Apr-2019 13:49:09
Letter No. 2362-A dated 18.04.2019 regarding list of Judicial Officers nominated for Mediation Training Programme in the month May and June, 2019
Uploaded:18-Apr-2019 17:03:27
Mediation Newsletter (Calcutta High Court)
Uploaded:05-Apr-2019 16:48:26
List of trained mediators, High Court Calcutta as on 12.03.2019
Uploaded:05-Apr-2019 14:51:36
Cases referred to and settled by mediators from 01.01.2018 to 31.12.2018
Uploaded:05-Apr-2019 14:50:00
Calendar of Mediation Fortnight
Uploaded:05-Dec-2018 16:48:38
Mediation Follow-Up and Stock Taking Calendar
Uploaded:22-Nov-2017 14:59:51
Notification No. 15 (MCC) dated 16.03.2017 regarding Calendar of Mediation week to be organized in Districts
Uploaded:16-Mar-2017 12:55:33