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Gazette Notification No. 584-G dated 18.02.2020 regarding modification of the existing rules and norms vogue in the High Court with regard to papers and format used in pleadings, affidavits
Uploaded:20-Feb-2020 16:37:37
Gazette Notification No. 583-G dated 18.02.2020 regarding amendment of Rule 1 of the Chapter II of the Appellate Side Rules of the High Court at Calcutta
Uploaded:20-Feb-2020 16:35:06
Notification No.280-JL dated 26.08.2019
Uploaded:27-Sep-2019 19:26:43
Notification No.11019/07/2018-US.II dated 27.12.2018 of Government of India, Ministry of Law and Justice (Department of Justice) regarding appoint ment of Acting Chief Justice in the High Court at Calcutta
Uploaded:02-Jan-2019 11:49:34
Proposal for designation of Sr. Advocates
Uploaded:10-Aug-2018 17:41:42
Kolkata Gazette (Extraordinary Issue) dated 12.07.2018 containing Guidelines of the Calcutta High Court's relating to designating Senior Advocates u/s 16(2) of the Advocates Act, 1961
Uploaded:18-Jul-2018 14:01:19
Notification No. K-13015/03/2013-US.II regarding appointment of Additional Judges of the Calcutta High Court to be Judges of the Calcutta High Court.
Uploaded:02-Sep-2013 11:48:54
Gazette Notification on amendment of fees for applications filed under Right to Information Act
Uploaded:18-Nov-2011 00:00:00
Notification on Public Interest Litigation
Uploaded:24-Aug-2010 11:03:51
Gazette Notification dated 11.08.2010 regarding the Appellate Authority in respect of the Calcutta High Court and the District Courts
Uploaded:11-Jan-2010 11:46:57